Free Guide: Heat Press Settings for Your Favorite HTV

If you’re new to the exciting world of heat transfer vinyl (HTV) you may have a few questions. While a heat press may seem intimidating, you can get the hang of it after just a few tries. Depending on which HTV material you use with your heat press, the temperature, time and pressure may need to be adjusted. To make your HTV pressing even easier, we have broken down the application details on a few of the most popular heat transfer vinyl.

Matte – The versatility of Matte Heat Transfer Vinyl is seriously impressive. Not only is it a cinch to weed, but Matte HTV applies easily to a variety of different materials including cotton, polyester, lyrca and spandex. Once you have decided on your design and mirrored it before printing, you will weed out the excess HTV before pressing. Set your heat press between 285 and 315 degrees Fahrenheit and press your matte design for 3 – 12 seconds with medium pressure. Remove the matte carrier sheet with either a hot or cold peel

Glitter – There is so much to love about Glitter HTV. In addition to its fabulous sparkle, Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl is super easy to weed and apply. After you’ve selected you design, be sure to mirror it before cutting. Once cut, weed your design to get it ready for application. Set your heat press between 315 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Once your heat press is warmed up and ready to go, press your design for 12-15 seconds with medium pressure. The glitter carrier sheet can be removed with either a hot or cold peel.

Metallic – Metallic HTV is an easy way to add an exciting new element to your design. These beautiful colors reflect light and really take your designs to the next level! While Metallic HTV may require a bit more patience to weed and can’t be layered, it is still simple to apply with your heat press. Set your machine between 305 and 315 degrees Fahrenheit and apply your Metallic HTV design for 10 – 15 seconds with medium pressure. After your design has completely cooled, peel off the clear carrier sheet.

Hologram – If you really want your HTV designs to pop, go with Hologram Heat Transfer Vinyl to give your shirts, bags and sweatshirts a three-dimensional effect. Hologram HTV can’t be layered but you can still use it to make some eye-catching designs. After you’ve weeded out the excess material of your design (don’t forget to mirror it before printing), set your heat press between 305 and 315 degrees. Apply the hologram HTV with medium pressure for 10 – 15 seconds. Wait until the design has completely cooled to remove the carrier sheet.

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