There is nothing worse than cutting out your heat transfer vinyl design, pressing it, and then realizing that you made a mistake. Before you freak out, there are luckily a few ways you can fix your mess-up. Whether you spelled something wrong, misplaced your design or a stray piece of HTV made it on to your garment, your home iron can save the day.


  • Garment with mistake
  • Home Iron - any model will do. Do not use the steam setting while attempting to remove the HTV
  • Tweezers 

Pro Tip: We recommend starting your iron off on a lower setting ans gradually increasing the tempertaure until the adhesive starts to loosen.

Removing Matte Heat Transfer Vinyl

When we were removing the transfer sheet from our men's tank design pictured below, one of the "Es" was not correctly applied. Fortuntaley this was a simple fix with our home iron. Be sure to watch the video below to see just how we removed the matte HTV.

removing matte heat transfer vinyl

Here is the final shirt after we were able to remove our HTV mistake with an home iron:

easily remove HTV mistakes from your garments


How to Remove Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl 

Glitter HTV grabs on to your garments a little more than regular heat transfer vinyl, meaning it may take a little more heat and picking to get your glitter all the way off. A stray piece of glitter HTV found its way on to our deisgn while we were pressing it, as you can see below. The video shows just how we used the iron to easily remove the unwanted piece. 

Removing glitter HTV from garments

Here is the final garment with the HTV removed:


Have questions about how we did this? Drop us a comment below!