This page has been created to help our customers better understand the current shipping issues affecting the shipping carries and our customers. We understand your frustration with any delayed or undelivered orders. This is just as frustrating for us, so we want to make sure you are informed to properly recover your delayed shipment as quickly as possible.

We know you depend on your items for your business. We depend on the shipping carries to deliver your packages timely, but they are experiencing more errors than usual during COVID-19. iCraftVinyl typically sends 200-400 packages a day with USPS. Because of the volume of orders being shipped, we create a batch scan that allows all packages to get an initial tracking status of “package accepted” including the date and time of acceptance by USPS. USPS Then sends all packages to a sorting center where additional tracking scans are supposed to be done to keep your tracking information up to date. Unfortunately, this is not happening on all packages and it creates a delivery that appears to not be moving or stuck in one location. It is very likely that your package is still moving through the system though.

In the event that your order appears to be delayed beyond 10 Business Days we will reship or refund your order. We have re-shipped over 300 orders since March to ensure customers get their items as quickly as possible. Surprisingly, almost all customers who receive a re-shipment also eventually receive the original order as well. Some of these original orders are arrive 30-40 days after the initial ship date, our shipping carriers are under strain and causing errors.

In the event that you receive both orders, please simply write “RETURN TO SENDER” on the duplicate shipment and place it back with your postal person. They will send the package back to us.

WE ARE COMMITTED to doing everything in our ability to continue to provide iCraft customers with fast shipping, amazing prices and unbeatable customers service! Following these guidelines will limit the amount of time and strain on our customer service department, which allows us to continue to pass the savings along to you.


IF YOUR ORDER DOES PASS THE 10 BUSINESS DAY PERIOD, message us on Facebook or the messenger icon on our website. Or email us at with your full name that you used on your order and your order number found on your Order Confirmation email and Shipping Confirmation email. Please check for this email and your order number before contacting us (If your order processed successfully, you will receive an order confirmation email, check your spam folders as well)

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