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At iCraftVinyl, we want to make crafting with our products as easy - and as fun - as possible. We have compiled some FREE guides and recommendations below to help you get started with your vinyl and heat transfer vinyl crafting. Be sure to check out the linked blogs for each resource if you have any more questions. And as always, we are here to help you - whether you're a beginner or a crafter extraordinaire.

Sizing and Placement Chart

When you're applying your HTV to different shirts, it is helpful to have a guide so you know how big to make your design and where to place it.

Learn more about sizing and placing your heat transfer vinyl here:  https://bit.ly/2DvBjc6 

HTV sizing and placement chart

Guide to Layering HTV

Some heat transfer vinyl materials from iCraftVinyl can be layered, and some cannot. Use this helpful chart when creating your designs so you don't have any issues with adhering or peeling after wash and wear.

Learn more about layering HTV from iCraftVinyl here: https://bit.ly/38PCeQr

Heat Transfer Vinyl Heat Settings

Before you press (or iron on) your heat transfer vinyl, make sure you're using the right heat setting. If it is too hot, you could burn the material and if it you're not using enough, the material might not stick or you could have issues with peeling after a garment is washed and worn. Below, you'll find what temperature and time we suggest for your heat press or iron - but remember every tool is different so be sure to use this as a guide.

Learn more about our heat setting recommendations here:https://bit.ly/2WeFIH3

HTV sizing and placement chart

Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl Instructions

Have you tried printable heat transfer sheets yet? This medium allows you to print any design with your inkjet printer (and will work but a laser printer will not). The design options are endless and easily customizable with printable HTV.

Learn more about printable (also known as print and cut) here: https://bit.ly/3jOimC9

Patterned Vinyl Instructions

Don't be intimidated to try our patterned vinyl! We have so many fun sheets available in both HTV and adhesive - including floral, sports, camo, serape and so much more. We are constantly adding more designs to the site so make sure you check back for more. And we've made it easy to use with this helpful guide!

Get more detailed information about our patterned vinyl here: https://bit.ly/30ZiBSd

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