Have you felt intimidated by multi-layered HTV projects? Creating and pressing a design with more than one layer of HTV material is easier than you think! This technique allow you to combine different materials to create a unique design with a variety of colors and textures, and we will give you the tips and tricks to help you succeed!


What HTV Materials can be layered?

Keep this FREE guide handy so you know exactly which materials from iCraftVinyl.com can be layered so there is no second guessing yourself! Choosing the right products to layer means the final result will last longer and you can feel confident gifting or selling your creations.

Some materials can’t be layered at all. And some products vary depending on the manufacturer. One material that is different from most of our competitors is glitter HTV. Most others CANNOT be layered, but you don’t have to worry with iCraftVinyl - our glitter layers with ease!

Tack Down Method

HTV naturally shrinks slightly from the heat that is used to apply it. This can make it more difficult for you to perfectly line up the different layers of your design. While you should expect that this can happen - and not to panic too much if your layers aren’t lining up exactly - there is a method you can use to help prevent it: the tack down method.

This is done by only pressing each layer - besides your final layer - for just a couple of seconds each. You just want to use enough heat so the HTV will get tacked down. The final press at the end will ensure your design is adhered. It is important to be conscious of your total pressing time. You really do not want to press designs for more than 30-35 seconds tops when using a heat press. When using a home iron your total pressing time should be right around 60 seconds tops.

You can watch this video to see how we layered a project using only our matte HTV: 


Can't Layer your Material? Use the Slice Method

When you want your design to use material that cannot be layered, there is a work around. You can use the slice feature on your cutting machine to remove the material behind your top layer so they won't even touch. Make sure you then use the tack down method so you can line up the edges with ease (when you slice a project it isn't as forgiving as just layering on top of a material). 

Ask your Questions:

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